Study on understanting the needs of people with ID

Needs assessment to identify people with ID requirements for information and their background knowledge regarding Human Rights issues.

To better understand the needs of people with ID (availability of materials, appropriateness of presentation and ease of access) a Study with adults with ID was conducted in the frame of the PUZZLE Project.  The Study outcomes guided the development of Module 4 content (Examples of Human Rights materials / Informative documents).

This study was based on a review of literature on accessibility and Human Rights for persons with ID and empirical research undertaken in Greece, Poland and Lithuania. Key issues of the empirical research with people with ID include the availability of appropriately accessible information and the capacity of individuals with ID to express their respective needs and aspirations.

The Research conducted in the frame of the Puzzle project showed that it is not easy for people with ID to understand the concept of Human Rights. EtR and EtU information is fundamentally important to ensure that people with ID have the right to be equal and included. For this it is highly recommendable to read the following documents:

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